Mr. Jackson

Dimensions of our Movement

1. Creation of a society free of exploitation: 

There is no field where a consumer is not exploited. All economic systems like capitalism, communism, socialism tried over the world have failed to give justice to consumers. It is therefore necessary for organizing the consumer and to provide in him a moral and spiritual strength to resist injustice, to voice descent and to boycott the corrupt, the cheater and the exploiter, without indulging in to the violence. ABGP has taken up this challenging role in this country.

2. Social control over economy:

The western consumerism is based only on artha and kama where as Indian philosophy is based on two other pillars called Dharm and Moksha.The prime aim of dharma is to resolve the two conflicting aims and activities of two  forces. One is represented by the market structure which includes manufacturer,.distributor, retailer, seller etc and other is force is represented by consumer. The conceptual principle which reconciles these two diametrically   opposing forces and regulates their behavioral pattern for mutual satisfaction is “ Dharma”, which ultimately leads to moksha. ABGP plans its strategy of work based on above principles. 

3. System correcting movement:

The consumer movement shall be a means for the consumers to correct private and public enterprises, not to replace it. It is not possible for the consumer movement to take over the whole economic life in a free society, so the consumer movement is satisfied with remaining a sector in a mixed economy and its ambition is to become a counter veiling power. The aim of ABGP is to create multidimensional consumer organization spread over length and breadth of the country and provide an effective check to


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